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Have been thinking about things a lot the last 2-3 days. (since the me turning ugly episode)

How to get it all out into words?, that’s gonna be the hard bit it, it’s probably just gonna be a mixed up jumble of thoughts.

– I’ve never really felt loved by my mother, she always liked my sisters more than me.

– Remember my mother going completely ballistic at my dad? about something and her throwing a large bottle of orange juice/squash & the juice just going everywhere.

– I recall my big sister went to live with my dad for a number of years, but can’t remember when this was or why.

– Then when I was in my early teens my mother decided to move us all to Scotland, thus me & my sisters didn’t have a dad in our lives for about 10 years. Though I think my big sister went to live with my dad again once she had finished & left school. My younger sister still doesn’t, she doesn’t really have any interest to reconnect with our dad.

– I struggled a lot school, (moved school about 3-4 times when I was younger). Tried a year at collage, but it didn’t really work out for me. While my sisters did well, high exam marks, got jobs etc

– My mother would always tell me I was unemployable, I was anti-social, I didn’t try hard enough etc. She always seemed to be screaming & yelling at me all the time.

– I remember I’ve had to run away from my mother & home more than once, due to her going ballistic about something.

A bit of a pause here, …… I’m constantly questioning & doubting myself. “Am I just being daft?”, “Am I at fault?”, “Am I just making a fuss over nothing?”.

Anyway life with my mother is still bloody hard. She still goes ballistic over just about everything

Still tells me I’m anti-social and not good enough. Moaning about how I look, what I wear, what I eat, just makes your head spin.

Constantly slags my dad off “Oh your father was abusive & horrible”, “Your father never wrote, phoned or visited his children” (This was when we lived on Arran in Scotland, about 20-25 years ago)

When ever I have gone anywhere with my mother its “Oh god, is she gonna grab at me for no reason or go ballistic about something and make out I’m the one being stroppy & moody”

Its just never ending venom, poison & abuse from my mother. …… There’s probably a heap more stuff I could add to this.


My ‘ugly’ episode

My mother was on my computer, trying to write a msg on MY facebook account, which she should not have been doing in the first place.

I get annoyed at her, then my mother starts flipping out at me.

I ask 2-3 times her to leave, she refuses, so I start to try & push her out, my mother grabs the kitchen door frame, so as to stop me.

I manage to half get her out the living room, I then get arm full of my mother’s nails.

It all escalates soo much I ending getting rolling pin out, in an effort to make her take me seriously.

All the while my mother is hurling abuse at me, and making out I’m such a bad, horrible & nasty person.

Yes I admit I handled the whole situation badly, But what does my mother expect? When she refuses to leave, after me asking her 2-3 times.

This is not the first time my mother has pushed me soo far that I really snap & I turn quite ugly

I just don’t know handle my mother in situations like this.

A very sad week

Two amazing & awesome people have died, first David Bowie & now Alan Rickman.

David Bowie passed away on Sunday (10th Jan 2016) Then news hit that Alan Rickman passed away too.

Both David Bowie & Alan Rickman with in days of each other AND of the same thing ….. Cancer.

David Bowie (age 69) died just a few days after his birthday, while Alan Rickman died just short of his 70th (about 5-6 weeks).

My heart is extremely heavy.

New Year 2015

Just saying a late HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

Hope everyone is having a good time

2015 May Elections

This years Election, or should I say Elections, as many places had 3 Elections in 1 go. There was the General Election, Borough Elections AND in some places Parish Elections.

This was my third time of standing and have ENJOYED every minute of it, has been a COMPLETELY different experience.

Of my first & second time standing, I stood as TUSC (Trade Union & Socialist Coalition) but we (TUSC) didn’t really seem to do anything, bar maybe doing a stall once a week for about 2 hours, pretty much watching people walk past totally blanking you and even crossing the road to avoid you! Also the odd meeting every so often.

But this year has just totally AWESOME, am proud to be part of the Green Party (I joined the Greens in May last year).

In the run up to Election day, we had meetings once a week to start with then twice a week. We were out flyering nearly every day, handing out 100s of flyers, people actually COMING TO YOU to take a flyer, some people would walk past, then think “Oh the Green Party, I do want flyer actually”

We also did heaps of lettering boxing (flyers thoruogh letter boxes).

Also I did a couple of stints of being a Polling station teller*, just out of interest really. (also couldn’t let people just see the Lib Dem & UKIP poll tellers now could I?  😉 )    Was mostly a steady & constant stream of people, were a few periods of people rapidly coming to vote, it didn’t really slow till about 9pm.

*Polling Station Teller – asks if they could take a note the voters poll number, voters don’t have to have to give the Teller thier poll number, but it just helps the the Teller’s party (which ever that maybe be) know who has & hasn’t voted yet.

We all just worked really hard, and now we’re all having a well deserved break for a few weeks.

A couple of great blog posts I wish to highlight A Voter’s Manifesto and A letter from a 14 year old

Anyway here are some stats & info

Eastleigh General Election results (69.9% turn out)

23,464 – Tory – Mims Davies
14,317 – Lib Dems – Mike Thornton
8.783 – UKIP – Patricia Culligan
7.181 – Lab – Mark Latham
1,513 – Green Party – Ron Meldrum
133 – Beer, Baccy & Scratchings – Ray Hall
114 – TUSC – Declan Clune

I think EVERYONE was shocked at the General Election result and the Torys really thrashing the Lib Dems in Eastleigh.

Green Party Candidates & Eastleigh Borough Election results

237 Fair Oak & Horton Heath – Kylie Barton (4.6%)
222 Eastleigh North – Imogen Harris (5.2%)
162 Hedge End St Johns – Tom Rushby (3.5%)
118 Bishopstoke East – Ania Waterman (3.7%)

We very nearly ran out of time to get the forms finished, but we pushed hard and got them done.

292 Eastleigh Central – James Hardiman (5.7%)
223 Bishopstoke West – Sarah Pearson (7.4%)
186 Eastleigh South – Susan Courtney (4.3%)

Here are the FULL Eastleigh Borough Election Results


A few days BEFORE election day
As of 3 pm on 5 May 2015
62296 members – The Green Party (National)
10839 members – South East Green Party (Regional)
440 members – Southampton & District Green Party (Local)

A few days AFTER election day
As of 10am on 10 May 2015
64958 members – The Green Party (National)
11368 members – South East Green Party (Regional)
471 members – Southampton & District Green Party (Local)

2015 Party Manifestos

Green Party



Lib Dems


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